Imagine being at your reception on the dance floor surrounded by friends and family. The music is about to start. Are you ready? You will be!

Be prepared

When you first come in, bring your music and we’ll tell you what dance goes with it. If you don’t have music selected yet, that’s fine too. You can wear any shoes for the first lesson, but as you get close to the big day you’ll want to practice in your wedding shoes or at least shoes that are very similar.

Then you will begin learning to dance comfortably and confidently for your special day! Whether you just want a few basic steps so you don’t embarrass yourself, or you want your guests to gasp in amazement, we can get you there.

Be relaxed

Our instructors are friendly, competent, and know how to teach, not just how to dance. You’ll see our instructors know what they’re talking about, and they can teach you to dance to anything, quickly and correctly. We teach the women to dance beautifully (and sensually if you like!) and teach the men to look manly.

Best of all, you’ll look forward to your dance instead of dreading it. Your dance is our reputation. We are truly experts, and take into account things that only a studio that specializes in this specific field would know. We have a system, and it works. So relax! You’ll have a good dance.

Special Features of our Wedding Packages

Choreography: Wedding choreography is our specialty. We make your dance look good and feel solid. Even basic courses have a beautiful entrance and exit on and off the floor.  We will stay focused on learning your wedding dance.  No sales games or tactics, just getting down to the business of looking awesome!

Music Editing: We can edit your song so you dance to the best parts to keep your guests attention!

Practice Perfect: Use our crinolines and experience the variety of tools and methods only we use to help ensure a comfortable dance and error-free performance!

Video: Every couple of lessons we recommend you to video your dance so you can clearly see what you look like. It’s your own reality TV!

How Much?

We are proud that we can be upfront and display the real price of our lessons right here on our web site.

Your first lesson is free. You pay nothing on your first visit and we do not take any payment information. You don’t even have to decide what package to do on your first lesson! Go home, talk over what package (if any) you would like and tell us on your next visit. Then, you pay as you go.

Wedding Dance Packages

Individual wedding lessons outside of a package are $85, so if you decide to take 4 or more lessons, a package is definitely worth it. The bigger the package, the more you save (the 40-lesson price is only $63 per lesson! For something that’s such a big part of the wedding and a permanent skill to have, that’s pretty good!) Remember, you don’t have to pay in advance. You can pay as you go. You take the lesson, and then pay for it.  Since these aren’t contracts, there’s no penalty if you can’t finish the program for some reason.

Our prices include BOTH of you on the lesson, of course!

Call us if you have any questions – or – if you are ready to schedule an appointment click here.

Survival Package - 4 lessons
(Finish Course in 1 to 4 weeks)
$82 Per Lesson SAVE $12

Don’t panic! You don’t have much time, but you don’t want to look like a jerk either? We made the Survival Package for you.

Basic Package - 6 lessons
(Finish Course in 1 to 6 weeks)
$79 Per Lesson SAVE $36

This is for couples that don’t care about a show, but don’t want to put their guests to sleep. Sure it’s basic, but it beats the boring “high school sway” for 3 minutes that kills your reception’s momentum. You’ll be able to do your dance with confidence and your head held high.

Splash Package - 10 lessons
(Finish Course in 2½ to 10 weeks)
$75 Per Lesson SAVE $100!

Make a “splash” with a beautifully choreographed routine.  For people who want more than just a dip at the end of their dance.

Smooth Moves Package - 15 lessons
(Finish Course in 1 to 4 months)
$72 Per Lesson SAVE $195!

Okay, NOW we’re doing a show. Really wow your guests with a memorable dance that will be the highlight of the reception.  Really fun, really romantic, for people who when they do it, they do it big!

Jaw Dropper Package - 25 lessons
Finish Course in 1 ½ to 6 months)
$68 Per Lesson SAVE $425!!

Your friends and family will look at you with admiration!  You'll probably lose track of the number of times they say, "I didn't know you could do that!"  And you'll enjoy it every time you hear it!

Unforgettable Package - 40 lessons
(Finish Course in 3 to 8 months)
$63 Per Lesson SAVE $880!!!

You’re guests will talk about it for years. Your photographer too. Dance a routine like the ones you see on television. Make your guests laugh, cry and tell their friends. This package is also useful for people who want to learn several dances.