How Much?

We are proud that we can be upfront and display the real price of our lessons right here on our web site.

Your first lesson is free.  You pay nothing on your first visit and we do not take any payment information.  You don’t even have to decide what package to do on your first lesson!  Go home, talk over what package (if any) you would like and tell us on your next visit.  Then, you pay as you go.

Wedding Dance Packages

Individual wedding lessons outside of a package are $85, so if you decide to take 4 or more lessons, a package is definitely worth it.
You don’t have to pay in advance, you can pay as you go.  You take the lesson, and then pay for it.  Since these aren’t contracts, there’s no penalty if you can’t finish the program for some reason.

Our prices include BOTH of you on the lesson, of course!Call us at (904) 998-3939 if you have any questions or if you’re ready to schedule.

Don’t panic! You don’t have much time, but you don’t want to look like bad?  We made the Survival Package for you.
Survival Package – 4 lessons – $328
$82 Per Lesson
(Finish Course in 1 to 4 weeks)

This is for couples that don’t care about a show, but don’t want to put their guests to sleep. Sure it’s basic, but it beats the boring “high school sway” for 3 minutes that kills your reception’s momentum. You’ll be able to do your dance with your head held high.
Basic Package – 6 lessons – $474
$79 Per Lesson
(Finish Course in 1 to 6 weeks)

Make a “splash” with a beautifully choreographed routine.  For people who want more than just a dip at the end of their dance.
Splash Package – 10 lessons – $750
$75 Per Lesson
(Finish Course in 2½ to 10 weeks)

 Okay, NOW we’re doing a show. Really wow your guests with a memorable dance that will be the highlight of the reception.  Really fun, really romantic, for people who when they do it, they do it big!
Smooth Moves Package – 15 lessons$1080
$72 Per Lesson
(Finish Course in 1 to 4 months)

Your friends and family will look at you with admiration!  You’ll probably lose track of the number of times they say, “I didn’t know you could do that!”  And you’ll enjoy it every time you hear it!
Jaw Dropper Package – 25 lessons – $1700
$68 Per Lesson
(Finish Course in 1 ½ to 6 months)